Spiritual Videos of Osho and A. Ramana


Osho_Photo_TaoIndian Sage:  Born in Kuchwada, a small village in the state of Madhya Pradesh, central India on December 11th 1931.  Left his body in Pune, India, January 19th 1990.

Osho is a Universal Visionary recognized for his brilliant insight into human consciousness and deep commentary on social and human conditioning.

His talks reveal many hidden treasures and gems from key spiritual transformation streams including Zen, Yoga, Tanta, Buddhism, Hasidism, Jesus, Sufism, Taoism, Western Mystics…. Osho’s discourses on meditation made available to everyone the psychology and practice of a wide range of ancient meditation techniques. As well, he created many modern meditational processes that work with the specific needs of the modern world.

Go to http://www.oshoworld.com/biography/briefbio.asp
For a more detailed bio of Osho.


A. Ramana

A. Ramana


American Sage: Born El Paso, Texas on November 1st, 1929. After his awakening A. Ramana created AHAM, the Association of Happiness for All Mankind which offers a powerful and focused curriculum for personal awakening and transformation.

He focused and spoke on “Self Inquiry” as being the most direct method of awakening consciousness and on how to use Self Inquiry as a way to bring awareness to day-to-day questions and life challenges.

A. Ramana has a deep connection to both Jesus and Ramana Maharshi and his commentaries on them distils the essence of their wisdom and paths to enlightenment.

Arunachala Ramana died in Tiruvannamalai , South India on February 15th, 2010.

Go to http://www.aham.com/usa/sharing/a_ramana.html
For a more detailed bio of A. Ramana.


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